Social media has become a big challenge for online marketing strategy. If you are a startup or a small or medium-sized business, social media is the big game to reach out right to your target audience. You don’t have to be on all of the social media networks out there, but only choose some networks that right for your brand or business.

Social media can help to shout out your brand, create CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and eventually getting sales by managing and posting shareable and valuable contents to the most effective platforms, regularly and promptly answer customer questions or give them more information they required. I have some tips from my research and practising to share and hope this would be a benefit to your business.

Plan your social media marketing strategy.

Social media has played an advantage role in building brand awareness, promoting a brand, connecting your business with the target audience and customers, and also increasing your revenue. Your social media marketing plan should be supported towards achieving your business goals.

Create your buyer’s persona.

Buyer’s persona is a model of an ideal buyer. Buyer’s persona helps you draw a concept of your potential customer which means the person who will buy your products or services. Without buyer’s persona, content wouldn’t be delivered to right target audience. Buyer’s persona profile should be including following information:


Choose your social media networks wisely.

Once you have your buyer’s persona or personas in hand. It’s time to choose which social media networks you would reach out to your target audience. You can create up to 5 personas for 5 different social media networks or just a few personas. Choose the best social media networks where your target audiences are and create trustworthy profiles. What is your business personality? What you want your customers to know more about you? What you do? Where they can find you and how? Testimonials, what people say about your products or services?

Create outstanding headline and content.

Content helps to create a good relationship between you and your target audience or customers. Plan your content marketing ahead. What would you like to deliver to benefit your audience? What would they like to learn or know about? How can you help your customers fill their needs?

Share contents regularly.

Keep your online or social media presence regularly. Share your contents as you decided which social media is best for the content and when is the good time to post. Image and video posts get more likes, shares and read or views than another way. You may use Live video content to reach your audience in real time which is more strengthen the relationships as you can answer their questions straight away.

Interact with your target audience like a human being.

The customer is king, your business can not sales products or services without. And that’s why they’re important to engage with. The successful businesses understand that how to engage with customers like a human being. SocialMediaToday has Top 10 list: How to communicate like a human being which you may find the ideas useful.

Building a strong and consistent relationship with customers.

Customers will feel more convenient and easy to reach out to you on social media. Reply to their messages promptly and give them the best advice. Make they feel that you are actually there for them when they need answers. Some tips by Forbes: 8 Ways To Engage Better With Your Customers would help you see the picture.

Optimise your social media marketing effort.

You should optimise your current social media presence to find out how it’s working. The results will help you to understand more and decide which social media networks your target audience frequently visit and a good time to post your contents. This will also help you to decide the best social media networks to target your right audience and manage your social media accounts, profiles, and your social media presence to connect with your target audience effectively.

Aware of your competitor.

Your competitors are your best practice and case study. Monitor your competitors of what are they doing, or not doing for your advantage information. Measure their strengths and weaknesses and measure to gain insight into your own strategy.

Over to you!



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