Whether you are small, medium or large business, social media marketing is important in your strategy to increase revenues. There’s information that you need to know before you jump on any social media platforms so keep read on!

Do your research to find the right audience.

According to Tracx – There are 2.8 billion people using social media. For a little perspective on how huge that number is, 2.8 billion is the total population of earth circa 1955.

However, people are using different social media for different reasons. That’s why marketers need to do a research in order to reach the right audience.Thanks to Tracx for this useful information: 2017 Social Media Demographics: What You Need to Know [Infographic]

Define your objective on social media and choose wisely.

Define your online marketing plan with the social media platform that will complement your business goals. In order to increase engagement with your audience, a larger audience doesn’t necessarily convert to real results for your business but a highly engaged audience will. Choose platforms which will help you increase engagement and get more sales.

Create content to leverage your social media.

A content calendar plan will keep you organise, stay efficient and effective. Create content that your audience is interesting in that way they will engage with your business and spread by word of mouth. Plan your content ahead and choose the right social media to reach out to the right audience.

Contents like blog posts, videos, e-books, webinars and more that can be used to engage with the right audience. Try different contents on the same platform and see which one is best regarding articles, date and time, channel, audience’s age and gender, etc.

There are some tips from HubSpot that you can benefit from social media for your marketing strategies.

  1. Add Social Follow Buttons to Your Website
  2. Add Social Sharing Buttons to Your Content
  3. Integrate Social Media and Email Marketing
  4. Get Creative With Embeddable Tweets
  5. Use Facebook Social Plugins
  6. Leverage Your Existing Customer Evangelists
  7. Nurture Leads With Social Media
  8. Use Social Media Intelligence for Sales Prospecting

Read more details here: 8 Ways to Leverage Social Media Beyond Social Networks

Share your content to engage with your audience.

Now, it’s the real show! You know from your research where the right place to engage right audience. Talk with them by sharing on most effective social media platform, leverage your visitors with good customer service, and convert them to valuable customers.

Evaluate your social media effort and improve your next strategy.

You need to evaluate every single online marketing plan to improve your skill and ideas. It’s the most important process that will help you be more productive and creative. Evaluate good points and bad points of each marketing plan after sharing your content, keep the records to learn form. You may need more resources and skill in order to get better real results and to hit your business goals.

Over to you. Good luck and be happy!



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