Marketers have been telling brand stories for years through advertising, paid or unpaid media and online or offline channels.

The tips to writing awesome brand stories to engaging your audience as an effective online content is a big challenge.


Good marketing needs telling a story about the products they make. Great storytelling will make the brand stick and be remembered. Great brand storytelling will engage and build trust, and eventually, increase sales because most of the people will buy products or use services that they believe in its reputation and great stories.

Why do you need to write awesome brand storytelling?

You want to connect with your target audience and customers. Marketers need to train to write compelling content to tell great brand stories because storytelling will be the biggest business skill, according to HubSpot.

Here are some top tips to write awesome brand storytelling to engaging your audience.

1. Speaking to you target audience with honesty.

You need to speak to your target audience in all sincerity. Your brand stories need to be rooted and connect with your target audience.

Don’t confuse your target audience because they will turn away from your brand and search for another that meets their expectations.

Speak to them clearly and crafting your brand stories in creativity ideas.

2. Add personalities into your stories.

Writing appealing content can be a challenge. Your brand stories should be full of personalities to be a more entertaining content that engages with your target audience.

Boring stories won’t connect and retain readers, but shining stories with full of personalities will.

Here are 10 Tips to Pack More Personality into Your Content by Sarah Rickerd via Content Marketing Institute

3. Create characters your audience will like and relates to.

Before you create stories you need to know your audience Create a buyer personas profile and list all the details of your character to enable your audience emotionally to connect with them.

If the audience feels related to the stories they will want to follow their characters.

Here are 4 Fantastic Examples of Brand Storytelling by Jeff Charles via HuffPost

4. Make genuine drama.

Your brand storytelling should be deeply rooted to your audience in all aspects, their mood, their point of view, their problem.

Creating emotional appeal and make them feel just like you felt. How your brand can help them resolve their problems and meet their needs.

Start your brand stories by following a structure that includes these 3 sections:

  • Beginning – Draw your audience into different ways of brand storytelling forms like a blog post, video, viral visual, or other forms of brand storytelling.

Open strong and establish your brand storytelling characters that attract the target audience.

  • Middle – Set up a unified theme to help keep your brand storytelling to be clear and concise. Build genuine emotional drama that engaged with your target audience.

Understanding your target audience and their problem, and present to them how your products or services can be a good choice.

  • End – Disclose the resolution that resolved your target audience problems. They should feel satisfied with the story’s end and happy to try your products or services, therefore, they will come back again and again.

5. Keeping your target audience engaged.

Grow your email list, social media follower, and blog followers consistently.

Don’t give it all away in just one effort. Share your brand storytelling throughout all online marketing channels like Facebook Page, Twitter, Instagram, G+, LinkedIn, Pinterest, etc.

Here are 11 Storytelling Formulas to Supercharge Your Social Media Marketing by Alfred Lua via Buffer

Your brand marketing goal is to keep your target audience engaged and want to interact with your brand.

Your brand storytelling should help increase brand awareness, conversion, connection, and building a good relationship with your target audience, so they will never go anywhere else.

That’s all you should add on brand storytelling plan for your marketing effort achievement.

Over to you!


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