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The Internet has become essential in our everyday life. It’s convenience and easy to find kinds of stuff we want such as pieces of information, places, ideas, products, services, and so on, by using a search engine on mobile or computer. People have changed their behaviors

from watching TV in the living room to watching live TV on Facebook, or apps. This is why the traditional marketing to push a load of advertising on TV is going in a downturn. Traditional marketing is losing its power.

The new type of modern marketing will gradually replace the traditional one by providing valuable and relevant contents for potential customers, called Inbound Marketing.

HubSpot’s Inbound Marketing Methodology


With inbound marketing, people will be more happy to listen to you. Your voice is heard because you’ve provided the helpful information to solve their problems and they are free to make a decision if your products or services are the right ones for them.

Inbound marketing helps increase your sales because:

1. Potential customers are looking for you instead of you looking for them.

Your contents should be based on your buyer personas and the right keywords. Provide value information using contents like blogs, videos, podcasts and white papers to attract the potential customers’ attention and publish your contents on a website and social media.

The potential customers will find you when they search for that keyword on search engines. If the information is helpful to them they will click on the link and land on your website.

Attract Strangers to become Visitors

Using Blog, Keywords, Social Publishing

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2. Inbound marketing is two-way communication.

Inbound marketing gives room to potential customers for interaction and feedback. Potential customers feel more relax to give their information and email address via a form on your landing page.

Convert visitors to leads by using forceful Call-to-Action (CTA) on your landing pages and encourage them to fill the form by giving them a free gift like e-books, free webinars, vouchers or special discounts, etc. in return.

Convert Visitors to become Leads

Using Forms, CTA, Landing Pages

3. Your information is always there when they need.

With outbound marketing, potential customers will get what marketers tell them on the telephone, brochure, leaflet, advertising on TV or radio or banner or cold calls which put them off at the interesting stage.

Instead, inbound marketing provides a load of information on the internet and social media which your potential customers are able to read at anytime anywhere and is clearly understand more than just listening to what sales and marketers are demanding from them with insufficient details. They feel free to find out the information they are looking for and if they find you can help to solve their pain points, leads will become customers at this stage.

Keep tracking them and communicate with them via emails and social media networks about your news, update, and special offers. Use the best Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system to help your sales and marketing team workflows and making sure you have the up to date information in hand. Engage with your potential customers across every channel to keep them in touch, post your contents and messages regularly.

Close Leads to become Customers

Using CRM, Email, Workflows

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4. Network connection is handy

With outbound marketing, customers can only talk to friends and family about your brand and how they are happy with you because the information is not available to send across immediately. The sales team will have to contact those prospects to explain again and again to close sales. Sure, you can imagine a picture of salesperson talking on the phone with a messy desk, pile up of papers, brochures, and leaflets which he/she probably can’t find the right one at the time anyway.

But inbound marketing provides all information needed through website, social media platforms or apps. Customers feel more convenience to share their thought, reviews, comments and the like anytime and anywhere to their networks. The delight customers become your promoter.

Use survey customers feedback to improve your products and services and assure them that you will provide better products and services to what they are looking for at your best. Help your customers achieve their goals by providing smart content and recommend upgrade products that are just in and might be useful for them.

Keep in touch with your customers on social media, prompt reply, help them solve problems and keep watch on their likes and dislikes to help you approach issues as they arise.

Customers satisfaction is the key and when they happy with you, they will promote your products and services to their friends and family.

Delight Customers to become Promoters

Using Surveys, Smart Content, Social Monitoring

Inbound Marketing is where sales and marketers work together to the best practices. To get better effective campaigns and achievement you will need in good teams both Marketing and Sales including best systems.

Over to you!


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