Are you feeling frustrated with your social media engagement results?

Social media has become a key part of our daily lives. People are using a mobile for almost everything they want such as shopping, reading, listening, watching, chatting, sharing, commenting, and taking photos and share with their friends.

Facebook has announced the increase of Facebook community update that they officially reach 2 billion monthly active users.

According to USA Today: It’s the biggest status update ever from Mark Zuckerberg: Two billion people — more than a quarter of the world’s population — hang out on Facebook at least once a month.

But Facebook has a bigger mission, they are focusing for the next decade to “give people the power to build community and bring the world closer together.”


Facebook Inc. is said to be considering a move into scripted television programming. Video provided by TheStreet Newslook

Adding to that, Facebook is in talks with Hollywood studios about producing scripted, TV-quality shows, with an aim of launching original programming by late summer, according to the Wall Street Journal.

That’s all just on Facebook alone. There are another social media platforms that you can use to help increase your engagement and conversion rate. Work out which social media platforms are rights for your business and keep focusing on building relationships with your target audience by developing a deeper connection.

Here are 6 tips to increase social media engagement, keep reading on.

Create great content.

Without great content, your conversations will lack a starting point and direction. You cannot engage with your target audience well if your contents are boring. Create fun and added valuable knowledge in your contents so that your target audience wants to hear, learn, or experience and share to their network.

Content can be blogs, videos, images, podcasts, etc. that connected and boost your conversations with the target audience.

Visual is best for attraction and conversion. People like to listening, watching videos or seeing beautiful images. Make your contents speak and appealing to your target audience.

Network with other bloggers.

You can’t succeed on your own alone. It’s important to find a group that gives you a support and on the other hand, you’ll be helping them in return. Network with other bloggers and develop a strong relationship with them. Leave a comment on their posts, write about them on your blog, link to their contents, reshare or tweet their contents, and tag or mention them in your social media. When relationships are developing well, they may help you with your posts, promotions, or review your products/services, etc.

Join conferences to give yourself an opportunity to meet professional and build up a network. A connection is important if you willing to be a successful person, you need a good relationship and expanding network.

Ask creative question and quick respond.

Ask your target audience with a creative question to find their interest and expectation in your social media. The question should be fun and create a discussion that related to your business. Open to the comments, ideas or opinions and reply quickly to keep the conversation going. Make the conversation two-way and shareable to get more people to join. More people to make comments, likes and shares, that’s mean you are getting more engagement and a chance to convert them.

Use games, contest, offer deals and giveaways.

People like fun, surprise, free, and discounts, you should consider this to put on your social media tricks. Encourage them to join a game or contest to build good relationships with your brand. Offer a good deals, discounts or giveaways to thank them in return. You may ask them to fill in a form, likes and shares your page, retweet your tweet, write about why they like your products/services, or post an image of them using your products/services with a specific hashtag, etc. This trick is to engage your target audience and also building up a good relationship with your brand.

Add your personality

The key is to show your target audience that you are a real person, not a robot. People will interact with a person more than a brand. Talk to them on your social media, introduce yourself and share some personal information about your favourite TV show, book, sport, etc. Share your idea, comment, advice and much more to get closer to their interest. You may surprise what amazing results you will get. Social media is about joining a conversation and interact with your followers honestly and catching up the update in two-way communication. Being pushy person may put your followers off. Don’t post too much about your business. Leave a grab for their enjoyment and relaxation to gradually accept your business. Be a helpful and fun person to connect with. More important, be yourself as people can notice the sincerity.

Monitor your social media effort.

You need to monitor your social media effort to get the insight what people are talking about regarding your brand. How many posts engagement? How many posts reach? How many likes, comments, and shares? The key is to improve your next social media effort to the best practice.

You can find many free tools that can help achieve this task like Buffer, Hootsuite, Mention, Social Mention, and Topsy.

That’s all tips I can share with you today.

Do you have more ideas you’d like to share for good?

Please bring it on!




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