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You may have heard about Facebook Business update news going around the press, agencies blogs and so on. Yes, Facebook has released updated news of their family of apps and services like Instagram, Messenger, Workplace, and Audience Network.

In July 2017, Facebook has introduced new features that help sales and marketers increase their revenues. This news also makes advertising both exciting and fun. The best thing with Facebook Business is, users can become a good sale, a good marketer, and a good advertiser by self-learning on Facebook Business site.

How Can Facebook Business Help Skyrocket Your Social Media Marketing Goals?

Here are 5 ways that may be of benefit to your business, if you are a Facebook Business marketer or advertiser or small business owner. Keep reading on!

Route #1. Optimise your TV adverts is easy whether on Facebook or Instagram with PockeTVCs

Mobile has become an essential device for our daily lives. Users are watching videos on mobile more than TV because it’s convenience and comfort.

On 2 August 2017, Facebook has introduced a global programme called PockeTVCs (pocket television commercials) which allows advertisers to optimise their TV ads on mobile. Advertisers now will be able to optimise assets that they are already own for a mobile audience and PockeTVCs is also a low-cost and low-barrier approach.

TV advert is a type of traditional marketing which forces consumers to view it till the end. But on mobile is different, you need to put the brand message out at “The end of a 30-second spot”, according to Facebook. This because people will pay attention between 3 – 10 seconds to view the ads. If you put the brand message at the end, there will be more likely to get undelivered.

  • Make sure you have sent out brand awareness and the message early and use all tricks to grab their attention.
  • As mentioned earlier, you need to start with the end, focus on graphic, text and sound.
  • Make a heartbeat brand story cover.
  • Telling a brand story and added its personality.
  • Check the speed. Keep it nice and short.
  • Create more visual and interesting drama.

Here is a success story from McDonald’s Malaysia, according to Facebook.

When McDonald’s optimised their TVC content for mobile airing primarily on Facebook, we sharpened the message and focused on spicy chicken across six video and still assets. This campaign outperformed most of McDonald’s digital campaigns to date and they had to stop running the adverts because they ran out of chicken.

Eugene Lee

Marketing Director at McDonald’s Malaysia

Route #2. Extend your brand awareness with Instagram Story.

Instagram has become a good tool for advertising campaigns. This because people are using Instagram for sharing all their photos, moments and videos. You can share multiple photos and videos that will be shown as a slideshow as well. Tell your brand story using options available on the app to help extend your brand awareness and shout out your message. There are many options for you to play about like:

  • Boomerang
  • Sticker icons
  • Hands-free
  • Hashtag, location, or location-based sticker – Help your post appear on hashtag or location pages and reach more people out there.
  • Replying – You can reply to stories with a photo or video in addition to writing a text message. Apply filters or stickers before you share to your followers.
  • See who’s watching your story.

Route #3. Advertising and chatting to leverage your potential customers with Messenger Ads and bots.

Facebook has tested Messenger ads in some country like Australia and Thailand earlier. The test has shown its chatting app is a powerful tool for digital advertising campaigns. With this new feature, advertisers have a possibility to target and reach more people in Messenger.

According to Facebook: More than 1.2 billion people use Messenger every month, which gives marketers an opportunity to expand the reach of their campaigns and drive more results.

Businesses can use this new options to expand their reach and target the right audience. This feature will help many businesses and small business or startup to get more sales, with these options you can:

Recently, Facebook has announced that they just bought an Ozlo (a small AI startup) to give more options and smarter virtual assistant for Facebook Messenger’s users. This will help business to leverage their customers more effectively by using Chatbots.

Route #4. Increase your business growth with Facebook Custom Audiences

Advertisers, social media managers, small business owners, and whoever using Facebook Ads to increase your business growth will know that Facebook Custom Audiences is an important tool to help achieve their goals.

Re-targeting your audience is more effective with Custom Audience. There are many types of custom audiences like customer file, website traffic, app activity, engagement on Facebook and lookalike audiences. With this tool you can:

  • Sync your email list manually or use custom audience sync tool.
  • Tracking your website visitors and automatically add them to your audiences with Facebook Pixel.
  • Targeting visitors on your app and convert them to be leads or customers.
  • Engage people who interacted with your ads or Facebook page.
  • Grow your audiences with lookalike audience that allow you to target people who are similar to your customers.

Route #5. Collaboration is getting better for business with Workplace by Facebook

If you are using a collaboration app for your business, you probably find it’s much more helpful to get all your remote teams, documents, messages, photos, videos, and etc. in one place. In this day (2017), more and more people are working from home or remotely that why collaboration apps for mobile are far more than just a chat rooms. With many collaboration apps out there you need to consider which one is the best for your teams and objective.

Facebook has introduced its collaboration app for enterprises, called “Workplace”. In addition, to make the brand be trusted and attracted, Facebook has added its name to a better marketing strategy to “Workplace by Facebook

What makes Workplace by Facebook become one of the best collaboration tools. Why you should consider to use it for your business growth. Here is the most recent update from Workplace:

  • Integrations with your favourite cloud platforms like OneDrive, Office, Box, Dropbox, Salesforce, G Suite, Quip, and BlueJeans. You can save your documents, photo, videos or any productivities on your favourite cloud platforms and integrate them to Workplace. It’s simple and just straightforward with standard integrations.
  • Custom integrations are also possible by building integration directly with their APIs.
  • Communication is getting more powerful with bots. You can use one of their bot platforms like Avaamo, Converse, Kore.ai, and PullString or build bots directly with their APIs for both Workplace Groups and Work Chat.
  • Live video lets you go live in Workplace with your teams. To collaborate with your team effectively, you will need professional video encoders, high-quality streaming technology and software, and the expert production services. Workplace Live Video Partners include Black Magic, ASG LLC, Elemental, Epiphan Systems, Haivision, Teradek, OBS, Wowza Media Systems, StreamShark, AMV Digital Media, Live Media Group, Groovy Gecko, and Pixelcorps.
  • Security and Compliance is a big issue to keep users safe as well as monitoring activities on the system to see that people follow regulatory compliance. Partners include Netskope, Skyhigh, CSDisco, and Smarsh.
  • Identity providers like Microsoft Azure, Okta, OneLogin, G Suite, and Ping Identity are supporting single-sign-in.
  • Multi-Company Groups is probably useful for small businesses because it allows members from different Workplace accounts and different companies to collaborate on private groups. Collaboration between friendly organizations can implement their project-specific groups by sharing experiences and best practices.
  • Optimise a group and individual with Analytics software will help employers see insights about how employees are engaged with their teams and leaders. Analytics software provider which partner with Workplace is Swoop Analytics.

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