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Are you on Twitter?

How do you use Twitter to engage with your target audience?

Twitter is a great social media platform to help increase your brand awareness, engage with people worldwide, and is an excellent place to learn about digital marketing, internet marketing, or online marketing or whatever you want to call it.

According to Omnicore:

  • There are 317 million monthly active Twitter users.
  • 500 million Tweets sent per day.
  • 100 million daily active users.
  • 24% of all internet male users use Twitter.
  • 79% of Twitter accounts are based outside the United States.
  • Over 67 million Twitter users in the US while 13 million Twitter users in the UK.
  • 37% of Twitter users ages are between 18-29 and 25% users are 30-49 years old.
  • The top three countries by user count outside the U.S. are Brazil, Japan, and Mexico.

And the most interesting number is 54% of Twitter users earn more than $50,000 a year.

These numbers are updated on 24 January 2017. As you can see, why most of the businesses have their own accounts on Twitter and keep it very active. If you want a quick recognition for your business or brand, consider using Twitter.

Start to grow your Twitter followers and make better social media marketing strategy with these tips and tricks:

Plan your Twitter marketing campaign.

You need to determine the goal and objective for your twitter marketing campaign.

  • Why do you create a twitter business account?
  • Who are your target audiences on Twitter?
  • When do they spend time on Twitter in general?
  • If you work for an organization, brainstorm with your team.

Create compelling content that works best to attract your target audience and be attractive to share.

Create a useful and helpful content that your target audience is interested in. Content can be like a blog, photo, video, or infographic. Make your Tweets look more attractive with videos and images. Use simple language and be more human. Add tone on the content to make it speak to your target audience like you are talking to them in person.

There are many free and paid tools to help add up attractive visual look to your contents like:

Schedule tweets at the right time by using tools.

There are many tools that you can use, base on size of your business. You may want to try a few tools and find out which one is suited to your objective. A tool can help you save a lot of time and manage your daily tasks much better. You also get insight reports that help you optimize the marketing campaign as well. Schedule tools are best for sharing on most popular social media platforms in one go. You can schedule your posts for a week or so as you’re getting busy getting other tasks done. Here are some of the tools to help schedule your tweets like

Always add motivation CTA (Call-to-Action).

Remember, CTA is key to motivate your target audience to act with what you are asking for. Use powerful words like:

  • Learn More
  • Sign-Up Now
  • Subscribe Today
  • Free
  • Grab It Now
  • I’m In
  • Visit Us
  • Contact Us
  • Call Us Now
  • Shop Now

Chose the most relevant and powerful CTA to motivate your target audience’s action and bring them to your landing page.

Know the power of hashtags in your industry.

Hashtags can help increase reach, impression, and engagement to your tweet. You need to find out the best hashtags in your industry to get your content seen by the right audience. Imagine when you writing a tweet:

  • Who will want to read your content? Use hashtags like #Business #Smallbusiness #Startups #Smallbiz #Startup, depend on your industry.
  • What are they interested in? Use hashtag like #socialmediamarketing #contentmarketing #blogging #onlinemarketing #digitalmarketing, and other hashtags that relevant to your industry.

People will find you via a search on twitter using the specific hashtags. They will see your tweets and engage with your contents.

Use Twitter Chat.

Twitter chat is a group chat of people who tweet about the same topic using a specific hashtag. The chat is normally hosted at a specific time and often repeat weekly or at announced times.

Twitter users can participate in Twitter chats by following the chat hosts, guests and browse the posts on previous chats to see who may interest you. You can simply click on the hashtag on a tweet to see all of the recent tweets around that hashtag. If you are following a big chat, sometimes you can miss the thread of the conversation.

There are a number of Twitter chat tools that allow you to follow the chat and participate more easily. The Top 10 Free Twitter Chat Tools rated by Brandwatch, which are:

  1. TweetChat
  2. Twitterfall
  3. Twubs
  4. Hootsuite
  5. Tweetdeck
  8. Nurph
  9. TwChat
  10. TweetGrid

Twitter chats are a fun way to talk about a topic, meet people who are interested in the same thing as you are, grow your own network and learn more about what is going on around the thread.

You can host a Twitter chat to help your followers and target audience learn more about your brand, interact with you in real time as well as promote your brand and business.

To host the effective Twitter chat for your own, you will need a good plan that including:

  • Use a specific hashtag that short and easy to remember.
  • Schedule Date and Time and add it to your calendar.
  • Write a welcome note and guideline for your guests to understand what they should or should not do on the discussion.
  • Invite people to join the chat.
  • Promote your Twitter chat regularly.
  • Analyze the results

Use Twitter Moment.

The Twitter moment is available for all Twitter accounts. Many businesses are using the Twitter moment to engage with their followers and attract the target audience. Marketers use Twitter moments to promote events, feature influencer or industry experts tweets, and repurpose video.

According to Twitter: “Moments are curated stories showcasing the very best of what’s happening on Twitter. Our Moments guide is customized to show you current topics that are popular or relevant so you can discover what is unfolding on Twitter in an instant.”

Read more on How to Use Twitter Moments for Business via Social Media Examiner

Use Twitter List.

The Twitter list allows you to add other Twitter users to your own feed. You can also subscribe to lists created by others. This option helps you view the public tweets of those allocated to that list. When subscribers of the list tweets, you will see their tweets on the list timeline which help you focus on the topics that of interest to you.

Twitter lists have many advantages for marketers like:

  • Able to add people to the list without having to follow them on Twitter.
  • Easy to find the tweets that of interest to you.
  • Can set up as Public or Private
  • Monitoring your competitors by adding them to your private twitter list as they will not be notified.
  • Monitoring who are on the public twitter lists that have similar interest as you are.

Read more on How to Use Twitter Lists via Buffer, that may help you get more ideas to create your own Twitter list for your social media marketing success.

Interact, retweet, and like the mention tweet.

To be a successful social media marketer is simple. It’s how you interact with people, followers, fans, audience or potential customers. Keep your relationship consistent by interacting with someone who retweets, likes or mentions you as well as retweet, like and mention their tweets that are relevant to your followers’ interest.

Send a direct message to your followers and Thank them.

Direct message can be a useful function for Twitter users as you can send messages directly to the person who may want to know more about your business, ask them to review your blog or app or tool, communicate to your followers like a human, thank them for the following, or send them a special offers, etc.

Use Twitter analytics to optimize your tweet effort.

If you have an existing Twitter account over 14 days, you can sign into view your Tweets analytics at which will bring up your account homepage.

Homepage dashboard: Shows the data based on your tweets during 28 days including:

  • Your tweets
  • Tweet impressions
  • Profile visits
  • Mentions
  • Followers

Below is a breakdown of your tweets in the current month and previous month that you can view Tweet activity in-depth details. You also see the top follower of the month, can view their profile and see how many people follow them.

Tweets dashboard: Shows the insight of Tweet activity during 28 day period. You can adjust it by using the calendar icon in the top right corner, export data as an Excel report, and see the breakdown of each tweet within the time period including

  • Total impression earned over the 28 day period.
  • Total impression earned per day during the 28 day period.
  • Breakdown of your tweets which including tweets activity, impressions, engagements, engagement rate.
  • Breakdown of top tweets which you can simply promote it by click on the icon available.
  • Breakdown of tweets and replies.
  • Breakdown of promoted tweets.
  • Engagement data with a daily frequency that you can see the charts of engagement rate, link clicks, retweets, likes, and replies.

Audience dashboard: Shows in-depth information of audience insights. There are 3 choices for you to compare the data like All Twitter users, Your followers, and Your organic audience. Below that data, you will see the insights in more details including:

  • Overview – Shows top interest, a list of top 10 interests, wireless carrier, your current follower audience size with the number of new followers gained compared with the same time 30 day ago and an average of new followers per day, gender, and household income.
  • Demographics – Shows top language, gender, household income, top 5 languages, age, country, home value, and region.
  • Lifestyle – Shows top lifestyle type, top 10 interest, and TV genres.
  • Consumer Behavior – Shows top buying style which the audience has bought and the top 10 list of consumer goods purchases.
  • Mobile Footprint – Shows wireless carrier and device categories.

Events dashboard: Shows events happening around the world including an overview of main events, sports, movies, recurring trends and demographic information about the event.

  • The overview shows top event around the world which you can create a campaign on the event. View details to see more information on the event like Tweets, total reach, impressions, gender, age, top 10 countries, device people use to talk about the event. See Tweet highlights which show top tweets and live tweets.
  • Events show details of the event name, category, location, start date and duration, and audience size. You can choose to see the events by date, category and location as well.
  • Sports show details of the event name, location, start date and duration, and audience size. You can choose to see the events by date, and location too.
  • Movies show the event name as well as start date and duration. You can see Tweet highlights and also live tweets of the event by click on the event name.
  • Recurring trends show the popular hashtags that are trending. You can use this trends and popular hashtags to engage with your audience who are joining the conversation or engage with potential customers as well.

Video activity: Shows detail of your video views that earned over this 28 day period, a list of videos published or promoted videos data including video views and completion rate. By clicking on the video, you also find more information on how the video performed like:

  • Retention
  • Key metrics and value of video views, minutes viewed completion rate and call to action clicks.
  • Top Tweets with this video and views.
  • To see the original Tweet, just click on the link at the bottom of that Tweet.

App manager: This option is good when you want to promote your apps. Use Twitter app card ad format to optimize your apps and app promotion campaigns to target the right audience.

Conversion Tracking: This option helps you measure your promoted Tweets and learn how your followers interact with it. There are two types of this option like website events and mobile app events.

This article may help you see more pictures of How To Understand & Use Twitter Analytics Effectively via ShivarWeb.

Use Twitter analytics tools

There are many Twitter analytics tools both paid and free out there that you can use to help analyze the data and measure your performance. Tracking various Twitter metrics are never an easy job to do as there is so much data to optimize.

Here are some free and paid Twitter analytics tools that you can use:

  • TweepsMap – An excellent Twitter tool for both analyzing and visualizing your Twitter network. You can choose between free and paid plans.
  • Audiense – Free Twitter tool that enables you to grow your followers and schedule tweets. See followers location, interests, and languages. Find interesting people to follow. Locate Twitter users to a list or remove from a list.
  • Keyhole – Paid Twitter tool that helps you analyze your tweets, best time to share, access your competitor growth, activity and engagement data. Track competitor accounts and compared them with metrics from your profile. Collect follower growth data and create audience-building strategies. Get analytics reports with key metrics of follower growth, engagement rate and optimal posting times. You can share your dashboard with team members from your dashboard or download and printing report in PDF or Excel format.
  • Twitter Counter – Paid Twitter tool that helps you to improve content strategy. Tracking your followers, following, and Tweets. See records of mentions and retweets. Monitor relevant hashtags and keywords for your brand, competitors, and interests. Export your stats in Excel, Google Doc etc. Compare Tweets and followers against your competitors.

Watch their video for more information.

Twitter Counter Video

  • MentionMap – Allows you to see who you have conversations with the most. It helps you to find a connection between users. You can see the most recent mention in an interactive map of connections that you can explore. See the picture below.

Mention Map.png

  • Portwiture – Grabs photography from Flickr that matches the content of your most recent Twitter updates. The result is a serendipitous visual representation of your Twitter profile. You can see the most use keywords as well as photography that matches your tweets.


  • – Analyze the tweet’s contents and tell you about topics usage in form of “tag clouds” to help you understand which hashtags were the most popular. Show join date, timezone and followers ratio which you can easily see who to follow.
  • Tweet Archivist – Help you to search, archive, analyze, visualize, save and export tweets based on a search term or hashtag. The result shows how many Tweets, impressions, and date range. You also see top words with number counts on the day.

Follow influencers in your industry.

Twitter is the right place to reach influencers in almost every industry. The benefit of influencer marketing is the key to success in marketing on Twitter. It takes the time to build up followers but just one retweet from an influencer can get your content in front of many people in the industry.

Before you search for following influencers on Twitter, make sure you have identified potential influencers within your niche. Use the tools to find top influencers in your industry, retweet their contents or their tweets and always mention the author of the content in your tweets. Engage with influencers on other social media like LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram.

Here are some free and paid tools to help you easily find and engage with influencers in your industry.

  • Klear – Help you find influencers in any category and location, get insights of influencer analytics, manage your influencer relationships, monitor and track your influencers mentions, engagements, reach and ROI. Also, support Facebook, Instagram, Blogs, and YouTube.
  • Buzzsomo – Help you identify influencers and see their insights.
  • Traackr – Help you find influencers and track relationships with them.
  • Twitonomy – Help you find the right influencers, get visual analytics and insights on your followers and following.
  • Audiense – Help you understand the audiences insights and delight them.
  • Twitter List – Help you easily find the right influencers in your industry, interact with them to build strong relationships, and connect with other members who have the same interest.

Finally, the goal is getting influencers to follow you on Twitter and achieving the social media marketing success to your business through the relationships between you and influencers in your industry.

I hope that you find this article a benefit to your Twitter marketing effort.

See you again next time!


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