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Ok, it’s a robotic era, right?

You probably know about the robotics history already, but just in case you don’t. Here is a short story of its history.

The robots have been a human’s imagination for long long time and as far back as the ancient world. In 320 BC, the Greek philosopher Aristotle predicted that if automata could do the work that befits the orders then there would be no need for the master workers or of slaves.

Around 1495 Leonardo da Vinci sketched plans for a humanoid robot. His notebooks were rediscovered in the 1950s. His drawings of a robot knight shown that it was able to sit up, wave its arms and move its head and jaw.

Around 1700 – 1900 there was a number of automatons that were created some of which including a famous mechanical duck made by Jacques de Vaucanson that could crane its neck, flap its wings and even swallow food. The first human-robot was made in 1810 by Friedrich Kaufmann. The robot was a soldier with a trumpet.

1921, the term of ‘Robot’ was first used instead of ‘Automata’.

1932, the first true robot toy was built in Japan. The ‘Lilliput’ was a wind-up toy that walked.

1937, the computer revolution was begun by Alan Turing. And in 1950, he proposes a test to determine if a machine really thinks for itself, known as the ‘Turing Test’. To pass the test a machine must be indistinguishable from a human during the conversation.

1954, the first industrial robot was designed by George Devol and Joe Engleberger. This later became the first robot for the dangerous and repetitive tasks at General Motors in 1962.

1957, The Soviet Union launches ‘Sputnik’, the first artificial orbiting satellite. This marks the beginning of the space race.

1969, The U.S. successfully land Neil Armstrong on the Moon by using the latest in computing, robotics and space technology.

1997, IBM built Deep Blue, a computer chess machine which beat world chess champion, Garry Kasparov.

1998, LEGO launches its first Robotics Inventions System.

1999, Sony releases the first version of AIBO, a robotic dog with the ability to entertain, learn Sma and communicate with its owner.

2000, Honda debuts ASIMO, the next generation in its series of humanoid robots which can walk, run, recognise faces, environment, voices and posture, and communicate with humans.

2002, The first robotic vacuum cleaner was released by iRobot. It has sold over 2.5 million units in 2008.

2004, Epson release the robot helicopter to be used as a ‘flying camera’.

Around 2005, Self-driving cars had been introduced to the world and the improvement has been carried on since.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been improving for many years and the advances of the changes in robotics industrial, research and recent developments have helped shape the world of robots and technology nowadays.

How can we use robotics to make our jobs more accurate, save time and money, and converting leads to get more sales?

Read these tips on ‘How to use bots to generate leads and get more conversion’

#1. Use Bots to help you design a stunning landing page for your website to attract more visitors.

There are many startups who creating Bots to help us build stunning websites. The AI web designers are coming and some of them are already here. The ideas for AI web designer is to help users design and customise websites much easier like: a layout, colours, photos, and photo sizes.

The machine learning and AI techniques will automatically analyse all the input and recommend the design to users. AI also makes a stunning landing page that is matched to user logo, colours and image. Using image recognition techniques, AI and machine learning can recommend relevant photos that match your contents.

Here are some Bots for web design:

Meet Molly your A.I. Web Designer. She can help you design stunning website, just add your contents and watch how she can do the work. It’s mobile friendly, responsive, and you can get things done on the go with TheGrid App available both on Android and iOS. See Molly in action below.

Meet Sacha the A.I. Designer. She can help you design beautiful website by just talking to her, no drag and drop, and no toolbars. Sacha will design your website landing page around your content and match the colour of the page with your character and tone of your brand. Building web pages on your mobile device are easy, just chat with Sacha and she will do the work that you asked for. You can sign up for free and try it yourself to see how Sacha can be your web designer assistant. See Sacha in action below.

#2. Use Bots to create remarkable contents to engage visitors and generate leads.

Bots can create contents and make your contents look really attractive in the ways that you’ve never imagine. It can generate simple contents either in letters or videos.

There are many AI tools to help marketers improve their video content marketing and strategy plan but I recommend this AI intelligent video marketing tool that will make you addicted to it. It calls Lumen5.


It lets you transform blog posts into attractive videos with help of machine learning and AI in just seconds. By using your company image, colour, and your article link, this amazing AI video creation platform will automatically create a beautiful video content within minutes. No training needed. AI will choose relevant images, vids, and icons that matched your content. Just add music and upload logo and watermark image or simply customise or upload own images and music. It’s a simple tool as well as fun to use. Watch how AI Video Marketing can be a good tool for repurposing your contents below.


Amazsites has been using Lumen5 to create excellent videos and is getting a very good result. You can see the insight of the brand awareness campaign on the Facebook ads below and this was only a 2-day advertising plan.
How Inbound Marketing Helps Increase Your Sales


#3. Use Bots to leverage leads in real time and turn them into good customers.

Bots can enable customer service representatives to immediately leverage leads in real time, either through a mobile phone or social media platforms. This will help businesses to engage and chat with their leads more quickly and easily.

Some Bots will be able to solve the issue without even involving customer service representatives. Many businesses have invested in AI Marketing to help their customers get the answers whenever they need it. This will save time as well as money for the business owners and also allow the representatives to do more complex works.

Here are some Bots for customer service.


The intelligence real estate chatbots that will help convert leads into customers. According to Automabots: Bots use artificial intelligence to guide buyers through the home search process with conversational language and rich MLS data and offer advanced valuation tools to provide people with the true value of their homes. Automabots enable agents across the nation to:

  • Convert more customer inquiries to appointments
  • Reduce daily workload
  • Focus on exceptional client service

Automabots are also working on popular platforms like Web Chat, Facebook Messanger, and Text. Find out if your area is covered, watch the video below.



Driftbot, a virtual assistant for your website, can help convert leads into customers without any forms. With LeadBot, their intelligent sales assistant, your sales team will be able to manage their important jobs more effectively like clients meeting, a follow-up to closing sales. You can open an account for free and find out if Driftbot is right for you before going premium.



Al Sales Assistant that works like a human, engage every single lead more effectively and turn them into customers. This tool is the best tool for your sales and marketing team. Check it out if this AI Sales Assistant is the right tool for your business.

#4. Use Bots to analyse and retargeting right audience for your marketing strategy effort.

Marketers are working hard to target the right audience to get more sales, but sometimes it is quite a working load as the data has gotten piled up. Accurate segmentation has become increasingly more challenging for marketers due to many factors are changing every day. If you don’t update your data immediately, you could end-up make a wrong optimisation.

That’s why AI-powered segmentation tools can be of benefit to your sales and marketing teams. From collecting data, better understand buyer’s purchasing behaviour, automated segmentation and communication, and create more effective retargeting the right audience. Bots are able to analyse quickly and accurately and some can help marketers to create smarter ads to retargeting the right audience.

Here are some Bots to help you analyse and retargeting right audience.

Google Cloud Video Intelligence API

Allow you to analyse and see the insight from videos, easily search your video file and store in Google Cloud Storage.


Help marketers to achieve their marketing effort by using AI technology. According to Nextperf: “Nextperf provides a highly scalable platform helping you take control of your display media by combining real-time user analysis, real-time bidding and dynamic content creation.”

The products including Dynamic Retargeting, Second Screen Retargeting, Skin Retargeting, Upper Funnel, and Web to Store.


There are various Artificial Intelligence tools that will be a good match for your business purposes. Try some of the AI tools to find out if it the best one before you upgrades to a premium plan.

As a small business or a startup, we need to manage our fund for the very best achievement.

As a solopreneur, my goal is ‘Spend less and achieve more’.

How about you?



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