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Have you heard that ‘Content is King’ before?

A quality content can help you build brand awareness, drive better traffic and increase email list. Invest in content marketing is a strong challenge and you need powerful tools if you want to achieve your business goals.

These 7 powerful content marketing tools can help you speed up your content marketing success (Some recommendations are affiliate programme. If you are interested to buy any of them, you won’t be charged an extra.) Find out if they are the right tools for your business, keep reading on.

1. Drive the traffic to your website on every link you share with Sniply.

Sniply can help you drive targeted traffic back to your website on every link you share. You can customized message, call-to-action and link. When people visit the site using your link, they’ll see your Sniply message.

Sniply also provides a dashboard that helps you see insight, work with a team, manage client accounts and integrate with popular apps like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Buffer, Hootsuite, SocialPilot, Edgar, Sprout Social, HubSpot, MailChimp, Post Planner, Scoop.it, Zapier, Salesforce, SugarCRM, Infusionsoft, IFTTT, Feedly, Dlvr.it, Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Explorer, Bundle Post, Sendible, Aweber, Active Campaign, GetResponse, and Campaign Monitor.

You can sign up for a free account and try this tool before an upgrade to snip like a pro. Here is how Sniply works.

2. Capture leads and increases sales with Picreel.

Picreel can help you build an email list, turn visitors into buyers and subscribers. This tool is a popup that will capture email address and encourage visitors to interact with a call to action. You can target the right audience or even create exclusive campaigns to a specific audience.

You can control everything on a Picreel dashboard with live stats, personalize popups for targeting better or use the pre-made designs, integrate with email marketing services and CRM, do A/B test for best practice, and survey to find out what your customers happy with.

Check it out and try Picreel yourself for a free trial. Watch the video how it works below.

3. Survey what products and services your target audience love, to drive improvement and conversion with SmartSurvey.

SmartSurvey provides real-time feedback of customer satisfaction surveys. You can connect with your customers via web links, emails, social media or QR codes to collect results or view reports in real-time for better analysis. This tool can help you build brand loyalty and also improve the customer experience. You can export results to Excel, Word, CSV and PDF to file the surveys or team resources.

You can sign up for basic use free and no credit card required or buy a pro plan for £270 annually.

4. Understand the keywords your audience uses and drive your website to the top of Google search with Ubersuggest.

Ubersuggest is a free keyword tool that gives you tons of suggestions based on your keywords. You can use Ubersuggest for free and get loads of relevant keywords including long tail keywords and new keywords that not available in the Google Keyword Planner.

Here’s how it works, watch the video below.

5. Double your social engagement with a visual tool that enhances your images with Stencil.

Stencil can help boost your engagement and capture visitors attention with beautiful visual. It’s easy to use and faster to create amazing images for use on your website, blog, or media. You can add Stencil on Chrome and Firefox for easy access. It has more than 1.2M background photos, more than 100,000 quotes, more than 800,000 icons and graphics, more than 650 templates, more than 2,100 Google web fonts, more than 37 custom sizes, and also the ability to upload multiple logos and own fonts.

You can try Stencil for free forever or buy a pro plan for just $9 per month or $12 per month for unlimited use. See how it works in action below.

6. Schedule your posts to share in the right place and at the right time with Buffer.

Buffer can help you save a lot of time on social media posting. It’s an easy schedule tool to use and simple way to analyze your content performance. You can manage all your social media accounts in one simple tool anywhere and anytime.

Sign up for free to try the app and upgrade to Awesome plan or Business plan as your business grows. Amazsites has been using Buffer for quite a while and getting more reach and more engagement than any other tools.

7. Analyze content and see insight use content audit tool with SEMrush.

SEMrush is a great tool for your digital marketing business. This amazing digital marketing tool can help you overcome of your competitors by just enter a domain, keyword, or URL in the search bar to see the insights. You can see the breakdown of organic search, paid search, backlinks, and display ads including live updates of top organic keywords and organic competitors and more.

It’s easy to use and view the report by just click on any of the graphs or lists. There’s also show a breakdown of competitors by criteria like traffic, competition level, and the estimated price of organic keywords in Google AdWords.

You can sign up to a pro account for $99.95 per month. If you are serious about your business growth and want to be on the top of your business industry, check it out now.


Choosing the right content marketing tools can help drive more traffic to your landing page, attract visitors and eventually convert them to be your good customers and promoters.

Content is King and SEO is Queen, so take advantages of best tools and filling up your wallet.

Start today!


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