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Google Chrome is more than just an internet browser. With the proper extensions, it’s also a productivity powerhouse. Whether or not your handiest needs are a few beneficial tools to enhance your workday or you want to manipulate your complete business straight from your browser.

There are thousands of Chrome extension available at Chrome Web Store to fit your business needs. Which ones should you add to your browser to level up your marketing strategy and grow your business?

Here are 12 Chrome extensions that will boost your productivity and ideas for business success.


This interactive training will walk you through right within G Suite whether you’re in Gmail, Calendar, Sheets, Slides, or Docs. You don’t need to leave the application to learn how to use it. It’s the best Chrome extension to help your business grow whether to master the G Suite Admin Console or enhance your marketing strategies.

See G Suite Training interactive video below.

How you can use G Suite to win and be on the top of your business industry. Read more on 6 WAYS GOOGLE AI PRODUCTS WILL HELP YOU GET MORE SALES.


Google keep will help you manage your favorite web pages, image, quote and save them for later use. Easily save all things in Keep and synced across all the platforms that you use like web, Android, iOS and Wear. You can also take notes for additional detail and add labels to categorize your note rapidly for later retrieval.

It’s easier to get all your ideas in one place and enhance them later in Docs. You can use Keep making a note to URL’s you find it useful. Download Keep’s mobile app for working on your devices, whether yours or Android to access Keep up anytime you find a good idea, add notes with voice, add drawings or images to notes, send notes, and add web or app content to note also simple and straightforward.

Watch the video on how to update your to-dos with Keep.


Create your docs with free forms provided by Docswave and automatically save to Google Drive. With all of the free functions available in Docswave, you can work on a day-to-day basis much better and easier with your Google account. Here are what you can explore in Docswave.

  • Manage Leave Applications – Check leaves usage or download leave history as an Excel file. Helpful function for both employees and HR team.
  • Expense Report Management – Fill out a complicated reimbursement request form easily and quickly or see the details and the number of members’ expenses and download it in an Excel file.
  • Purchase Requests Management – Write a draft purchase request form quickly or find out the total amount for each category.
  • Managing Schedules – Connect workflows to your calendar and automatically upload and share with members.
  • Document Management – Manage drafted documents, approve with labels, or customize Docswave templates to suit your business purpose in simple steps.
  • ORG Management – Manage organization chart, job title or position, and members conveniently as a tree design.
  • Boards for Collaboration – Get notice board, share a board or create up to 3 additional boards for collaborating with your teams.
  • Contact Management – Easily manage corporate or individual customer information and share with other members.

This Chrome extension is Korean base also available in English, Spanish, Japanese, Chinese and Korean language.

Here how it works.


The best sales tools that your business needs. HubSpot Sales allows you to find greater leads in much less time, connect to those leads, and close deals faster whilst managing all your contacts in a single valuable database. And it’s free to get started out.

Track emails via Gmail and get notified immediately when the Lead opens an email, clicks a link, or opens an attachment for a timely, applicable follow-up.

Eliminate the back and forth of emails and neglected calls by way of sending a link that lets Leads select a time that works for each of you.

Control your sales pipeline by allowing you to manage your entire pipeline and speed up your sales process with ease.

Keep all your sales deals up to date anywhere anytime on your favorite devices whether Android or iOS.

Moreover, you can add HubSpot CRM for free to increase your inbound marketing strategy and earn more income.



MailTrack is a way to consist of for your Gmail the ✓✓ that are so useful in mobile messaging so that you’re certain your email sent and that your recipient has opened it.

Mailtrack is primarily based on simplicity and practicality. After installing MailTrack, you will see only the double-checks in your Gmail. Your experience with Gmail stays precisely the same, and now you understand whether or not or no longer the e-mail that you sent was opened.

You can open the account for Free with unlimited tracking and get Mailtrack signature, or upgrades for higher tracking strategy.


This Chrome extension can help you track who opens your emails and clicks on your links. It helps save you time guessing and wondering about your messages were read. With email tracking analytics and templates for Gmail, your email marketing efforts will be more efficient.

You can send mail merge with 1:1 messaging and see the insights of email tracking reports which show a percentage of opens, clicks, replies for each Mail Merge. Write whenever you want, schedule to send at the right time, and set tracking-based reminders on unopened email to follow up.

Book a meeting through a live link that tracks any changes to your availability or insert your right times without switching to your calendar. Also, easy sync to CRM with Salesforce integration and it works well with the tools you love like Gmail, G Suite, Outlook, Exchange, and Office365.



MozBar will instantly give you metrics while you’re viewing a web page or SERP. You can create a custom search by an engine, country, region, or city. Access and evaluate hyperlink metrics across pages while viewing any SERP.

MozBar provides On-Page Highlighter by finding and highlight keywords on a page and differentiate links by type like followed, No-followed, external, or internal. Page Overlay will allow you to expose page elements, general attributes, markup, link metrics, and HTTP status.

You can access the Page Authority and Domain Authority quickly, meaning that you can predict how the page or website will rank in Google’s SERP (Search Engine Research Page). Export your search engine results page (SERP) and analysis details to a CSV file.

With the premium plan, you can find the right keywords, Optimize page, and get more Metrics.


This Chrome extension will help you improve your English communication, whether spelling, grammar, proofreading, rephrase, translation, definitions and synonyms. Also available to download on your favorite devices like desktop, tablet, and mobile.

You can express your communication in different tones with personalization options, keyboard design features and tons of emoji. The Ginger App has full coverage for wherever you write, whether in MS-Word, Outlook, PowerPoint, Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox, Android mobile devices, and iPhones.

Here are Ginger features to help shake up your English writing in more details.

Watch the training video to learn more below.


The AI content editor that can help improve your content and analyze your text. Boost Editor is an intelligent text editor that runs emotional evaluation on your content material and offers textual improvements. Each highlighted word gives an array of recommendations to help you optimize your writing for audience engagement even as preserving your innovative freedom.

Your content is King, so use the content to help increase the attraction rate and turn leads to be your customers. By using contents to maximize your inbound marketing strategy and skyrocket your sales.

Here is how Boost Editor can be a useful tool for your business.


Vookmark is the best way to bookmark any videos and watch them later on any device like Android, iOS, Apple TV. You can add this app to browsers you normally use like Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and Opera.

Save videos you found whether, on Facebook, YouTube, Reddit, Vimeo, and Dailymotion in just a few minutes just look out for the Vookmark Button or Icon next to the video title. All recently bookmarked videos will show up on your mobile device in the New section. Watch videos, again or mark videos as favorites for quick access.

See how it works in action.


It’s your personal digital notebook that allows you to organize, collaborate, collect ideas and much more to enhance your productivities even on the go.

You can save anything on the web by clipping it to OneNote, then organize and edit with notebooks, sections, and pages. Quickly search across typed or handwritten notes or images to find what you’re looking for.

It has the canvas to help you show ideas more effectively, whether typing, writing, drawing, and easily share your ideas with teammates, friends, and family.

amazsites.com, snip.ly


Buffer allows you to manage and schedule all your favorite social media platforms in one place. Share contents you found on the web to your followers on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Google+, and Pinterest just easy and quick.

Schedule your posts at the best time to get better results and see insights of the analytics like clicks, retweets, mentions, shares, likes, and more.

Also available for remote work as you can collaborate with other team members in one simple dashboard.


There are some of those Chrome extensions that I am using to enhance my ideas and productivity. I would like to recommend you to try some of those extensions that probably fit your marketing efforts and see how those tools can boost your productivity, turn a business idea into a reality and achievement.

Now, it’s your turn!



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