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If you are looking for a digital marketing job, what skills will you need?

Digital marketing is an important field this day because technology has made our lives more convenient. People are using mobiles, tablets, or desktops to manage most of the day to day basis online or remotely. The social media has become our habit and we cannot live without.

The old-fashioned marketing is going to retire soon as advertising and marketing are now online. The digital marketing discipline is swiftly evolving, probably quicker than any other quarter. As soon as you have got one detail down, some other comes up, or the platforms exchange the regulations, rendering previous best practices obsolete. It could be tough to maintain and keep up with, even for folks who closely comply with each alternate, but greater than that, it is even tougher to decide which factors you must recognition when trying to increase your skill set, or what employers will want to see whilst assessing you as a digital marketing candidate.

Digital marketing and marketing teams want a number of precise capabilities which will expand campaigns efficiently and this article lists 7 of the important capabilities every online advertising organization will want you to have.

#1. Web Designing and HTML/CSS

At the least fundamental programming talents are essential to have, especially for organizations with more than one physical place and e-commerce corporations.

Web design is normally outsourced, but some organizations have its own programmers to design, whether website, graphics or visual contents.

As a digital marketer, you need to be responsible and choose an excellent of the design and have a standard overview of what it’s all about in order to communicate in the same language with them.

Where to start:

WordPress.orgWordPress is a free website builder. You can sign up and start to learn about how to build a website, HTML and CSS. Learn how to add media like images, videos, and documents, what is a plugin, and much more.

Udemy.com – Udemy has so many useful courses for you to learn for free including web design and HTML/CSS for the beginners.


#2. SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Every web page has to start somewhere. In relation to humans, we have heard it said that splendour is on the inside. The same is often actual of websites. The layout of the website can be quite and eye-appealing on the outside, even as the search engine optimization elements are something a chunk greater creepifying. With touch paintings, you could turn any search engine optimization-unpleasant website right into a terrific web advertising and marketing goddess.

However, the point is, you have to start someplace. Quick and shifting ahead with the implementation of an excellent SEO strategy your site could be falling short in some of the different approaches.

There are four basic blessings of search engine optimization that are a muse of the net fulfilment that it brings. In the long run, what we are all seeking out is extra enterprise. However, so that you can get that there are a few matters that need to be treated as part of your optimization strategy.

Before you could get your pages to rank for your focused keyword phrases, you want to make sure that search engines like google can first find them, and 2nd decipher them. You can do this by making sure your hyperlinks are well navigable. The navigation of your website has to have a properly installed hierarchy, and your content desires to be readable.

You don’t need to be an SEO expert, but at least the basic of what is SEO and what are the right and popular tools for SEO professionals. I have some tools to recommend if you have never heard of them before.

Here they are:

Moz SEO – Moz provides free SEO tools. You can learn SEO at SEO learning centre available for beginners and pro.

SEMhrush – SEMrush is perfect for digital marketing professionals and beginners. You can learn about SEO from scratch and get a free SEO certification from the SEMrush Academy. It is an award-winning software suite from US 2017 Search Awards, European 2017 Search Awards, and UK 2017 Search Awards. The SEMrush certifications also available in Content Marketing and PPC Specialists.

Ahrefs – Ahrefs helps you to learn about your competitors’ insights and how you can do better. You can try the tools for 7-day and learn the short course about their major features at the Ahrefs Academy

#3. Content Marketing

Once you know about keyword research and SEO, your digital marketing won’t get ranking if there is no content. Content is playing a bigger role in the digital marketing field, “Content is King”. Nowadays, content is involved in more than just writing. It includes infographics, videos, podcasts and other

Content marketers are expected to be more than just contribute and distribute the contents.

They also need to be a good storyteller, sales, marketer and PR. Content has 3 simple steps and you need to be spiced up with them which are: Content ideas, Content Creation, and Content Distribution.

If you are willing to be a good content marketer, let’s get started by learning to use some tools like

Google Docs – Google Docs is available in G Suite. It’s an online word processor that lets you create, share and edit documents and collaborate in real-time. With Google Docs built-in chat and automatic backups, you and your team are able to work together online anywhere anytime.

Read more about Google AI products: 6 Ways Google AI Products Will Help You Get More Sales

Byword – Byword is a writing app that you can write, sync, export and publish. It’s available only for Apple devices like Mac, iPhone and iPad.

Ulysses – Ulysses is a writing app for Mac, iPhone and iPad. It’s similar to Byword but Ulysses has more features.

Boost Editor – Boost Editor is an intelligent text editor that runs emotional evaluation on your content material and offers textual improvements.

Read more about useful Chrome extension tools: 12 Useful Chrome Extensions That Will Boost Your Productivity

WayWire Global – WayWire Global is an online video platform which you can host, stream, manage content, monetize and get analytics.

Lumen5 – Lumen5 is an AI-power video content that turns your blog posts and articles into video easily. With AI and machine learning, you can have video content that automatically added with relevant images, vid, keywords highlight, and music in minutes or just simply customize your video as you like.

Read more about AI and machine learning in video content: How to Use Bots to Generate Leads and Get More Conversion


#4. Social Media Marketing

Potential customers use social media daily. You need to know which platforms they are frequently visited in order to reach out and increase engagement. Understand how to use social media to integrate the organic presence of the brand with paid campaigns is essential.

You will need to be social media savvy and market the brand in the right place and at the right time. Familiar with the most popular social media platforms like Facebook Page, Twitter, Instagram, Google + or other popular platforms will be of benefit to your digital skills.

There are some tools to help boost social media marketing effort like

Buffer – Buffer is a social media management platform to help you drive social media results. Schedule posts and track the performance of your content shared on most popular social media like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Google + and Instagram.

Hootsuite – Hootsuite helps you manage multiple networks, schedule content, and engage with your audience in one dashboard.

Social High Rise – Social High Rise is a human social media management in full-service, best for restaurants and bars. It helps you save time and money, whether you are on any popular social media platform like Facebook, Twitter, Google +, Instagram and more.

NapoleonCat – NapoleonCat is a social media marketing tools that offer you to analyze, publish, and integrate social inboxes into one dashboard. It’s a social media marketing tools for all businesses.

#5. Email Marketing

Email marketing is still a good channel for keeping your customers on track of the business. It helps boost traffic and engagement to beat your competitors.

Use these tools to help you manage and turn your email marketing effort into marketing success.

Here they are:

Drip – Drip is an email marketing automation for E-commerce. You can automate your ads using Drip Facebook Audiences integration to get more sales, delight your customers. Drip integrations are available for your favourite apps like Facebook Custom Audiences, Zapier, Automate.io, ClickBank, CrowdCast, Drift, Eventbrite, EverWebinar, Facebook Lead Ads, Hello Bar, Instapage, Leadpages, OptimizePlayer, PayPal, QuickEmailVerification, Recurly, Salesforce, Segment, SendOwl, Shopify, SumoMe, VYPER, Wistia, WooCommerce and more. The best thing is you can open the account for free and upgrades as your business grow.

VYPER – VYPER is a growth hacking toolkit that helps collect more leads, sales, and engagements on the website.

SalesHandy – SalesHandy will help you track and schedule emails for free or upgrades for more control and powerful results. Features include Email Tracking, Mail Merge, Auto Follow-up, Document Tracking. It’s ideal for everyone whether you are a sales manager, marketer, HR recruiter, realtor, blogger or freelancer. Professionals, who use this tool, are Amazon, Oracle, Microsoft, Yelp and more.

Streak – Streak is a CRM for Gmail that helps track leads, partnerships, hiring and more. It provides email tools for tracking the leads once an email has been read.

amazsites.com, snip.ly

#6. Customer Experience

Know how people think and interact will help business improve their products and services. Digital marketers should prioritize customer experience to understand how and why the customers do/don’t engage, interact and purchase.

With Artificial Intelligence (AI) is being adopted in many fields. In terms of customer experience, AI has a massive impact on changing the way business communicate with customers. Chatbots are not new, understand chatbots better to leverage the customers.

Tools to help you start with Chatbots like

Drift – Drift is a virtual assistant for your website that uses AI bot to drive marketing and sales and turn any conversation into a conversation in real-time. Integrations including HubSpot, Drip, WordPress, Shopify, Slack, Salesforce, Zapier, and more. You can open a free account and learn more about this tool.

Podium – Podium helps you collect and manage online reviews from your customers to proof your brand professional services. It’s perfect for any business sizes and locations and easy access from anywhere and any devices whether iOS or Android.

#7. Analytics

Data analysis is an important skill you need to measure performance and optimize campaigns. Understand how to drive traffic to your website, what methods are better than others, how to use the data more efficiently, and how to track the traffic back to increase the conversion rate, will be an advantage to your job description.

Here are some tools to help you learn more:

Google Analytics – Google Analytics is a free web analytics tools that allow you to measure website, app, online and offline data to see customer insights.

MyFeelBack – MyFeelBack helps you capture customer insights with smart surveys and manage customer experience in real-time. You can target missing data in CRM, integrate with your CRM and Marketing services you love like HubSpot, Salesforce, Zendesk, Adobe Campaign, and Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

Reveal – Reveal is an advanced automated rule for Facebook Ads that lets you optimize and scale ads automatically based on their performance. You can track the performance of your posts ads and automatically add more budgets on best posts via Reveal’s ad automation.


The digital marketing role needs a variety of different skills to be able to master campaigns effectively. You don’t need to be an expert on every single subject, but at least know the basic and have some best practices to improve your digital marketing skills.

Learn more about Inbound Marketing to be able to understand and boost the process of digital marketing to attract, convert, close, and delight your potential customers.



  1. I believe proving you can rank a website without spamming backlinks is the most important – but as you grow in digital marketing, you realize… Anyone hiring – cheated to rank. SEO is such an interestingly fake authority filled gray space. I believe Google Algorithm updates are proving a lot of strategies are not working 🙂

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