Google add-ons are third-party plugins for Google Docs and Google Sheets that can help uplift your skills to the next level. There are numerous add-ons to choose from and it can be overwhelming to clear through all of them to discover the true superstars. But don’t be disheartened, there are genuinely lots of add-ons that can kick your amazing performance into hyperdrive. Here are some of them.

#1. Uplift your writing skill.

WriteWell – Helps you create blog posts, ebooks, articles, whitepapers and more, right inside Google Docs. You can write any projects by choosing from vast template library and personalize your writing.

#2. Short note your brainstorm meeting with voice typing.

Speech Recognition Sound Writer – Helps you write any language with voice typing, no keyboard required. Turn on your microphone and keep talking about your ideas as simple as that.

Watch this in action.

#3. Turn your ideas into visual.

LucidChart – Helps you turn any business ideas into visual. It’s easy to use, just drag-and-drop to create a professional flowchart or map your business process and collaborate with the team in real-time.

LucidChart features including

  • Import/Export Microsoft Visio files
  • Integrated with G Suite allow you to work in Google Drive, Docs and Sheets comfortably just log in your G Suite and start doing your great works.
  • Publish and share the diagrams with your team in PDF, JPEG or PNG files or just share it on social media or email or print it out as hard copy.
  • Available on iOS and Android app that give you better access to work anywhere.

LucidChart is best for every industry and trust by over 10,000,000 users including Tesla, Coca-Cola, Dropbox, Netflix, Starbucks and more. You can try for free and upgrades to get the best options for your business growing.

See how to create mind mapping easily and quickly with LucidChart below.

#4. Automate tasks and create awesome email campaigns.

Ultradox – Helps you automate boring tasks and create your own apps no technical requirement. You can choose from various templates and personalize them or just create your new template. It’s easy to use, straightforward and fun. Share your file directly from Google Drive and if you are already using G Suite this app will be automatically added to your Google Docs, Sheets, and Forms.

Create awesome email campaigns, purchase orders, presentations, promotions, invoices and more to boost your sales.

See how it works in action.

#5. Secure important information.

DocSecrets – Sharing information is good but you must be careful if the document contains some sensitive information such as ID number, Credit Card Number, Account Number, Passcode, Password, or secret information.

DocSecrets can help you hide all secrets with the solid colour highlight on the sensitive area, using a pass-phrase that only you and authorised users can reveal the secrets. It’s secure as your pass-phrase is never sent or stored anywhere. You can collaborate with peace of mind as all sensitive information is saved.

Features including

  • Insert secrets displayed as highlighted text.
  • Sensor current selection.
  • Sidebar tracks you cursor and displays the correct secret.
  • Edit secrets.
  • Reveal selected secret.
  • Reveal all secrets.
  • Remove secrets by deleting them in the document.
  • Move secrets by cut and paste.
  • The sidebar will be cleared after 5 minutes of inactivity.
  • Supports sharing and collaboration.
  • Client-side AES encryption.
  • All encrypted information is stored in your document.

#6. Add the professional finish.

HelloSign – Helps you add a trusted document with personal signature to prove that it’s genius and legally. Show your modern company to everyone you contact with the personal e-Signature. The platform is trusted by many well-known businesses. You can simply send the signed documents, business agreement, and more right inside Google Docs to your team or customers.


Integrations including Google Docs, Google Drive, Gmail, G Suite, Box, Dropbox, Evernote, HubSpot CRM, OneDrive, Oracle, Salesforce, Slack, Eventbrite, and Zapier.

You can try it for free for 1 sender and 3 Documents/month or upgrades to use better options.

Here how it works.

#7. Shorten URLs to make it shareable.

URL Shortener – Allow you to shorten your Google Docs link and share the new link with customers or teammates directly from your Docs. Other features are shorten selected URL, shorten and replace selected URL.

Make your link shareable and simplify for quicker click through.


9 Tips That’ll Make You The True Content Creator Superstar

  1. Be up-to-date and improve your knowledge.
  2. Practice more to maximize your skills.
  3. Understand your audience and their interests.
  4. Give your audience the best user experience.
  5. Talk about your audience needs.
  6. Make your content readable.
  7. Turn your ideas into visual.
  8. Listen to the feedback and change where appropriate.
  9. Don’t give up, keep calm and work on.

What’re your tips?

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