7 Ways You Can Use G Suite To Simplify Productivity and Creativity

If you are a small business, you will need to invest wisely in tools that will help you scale effectively. G Suite offers businesses more efficient workplace solutions from administration to operation to management. With more than 70 million educational users worldwide as well as 3 million paying business accounts including Netflix, Motorola, New York Times etc. G Suite has helped enhance workflow, improve the communication between employees, and manage the business more efficiently.

Here are 7 ways you can use G Suite to simplify productivity and creativity.


You can try Google new recruiting app “Hire” if you are small or medium-sized businesses and use G Suite. The app can help you manage job postings, identify talent, screen and interview candidates, collect interview feedback and build strong candidate relationships.



Hire integrates with G Suite apps like Gmail, and Google Calendar that helps recruit team members to work better. For example

  • Automatically sync your emails communication with candidates in Gmail and Hire.
  • Schedule interviews in Hire with visibility into an interviewer’s calendar and includes important details in calendar invites, like contact information, and what question each interviewer should focus on.
  • Track candidate in Hire, and then analyze the data in Sheets to see insights.


Jamboard is an interactive whiteboard developed by Google, as part of the G Suite family. It’s a collaborative whiteboard with 55” 4K touchscreen display that can be mounted on a wall or be configured into a stand. It’s an online whiteboard that helps you work with team members from anywhere in the world. You can write on one Jamboard and view across many of other Jamboards as well as computer and tablet screens and your team can do the same on their Jamboard.

See how simple and fun the Jamboard can help you collaborate with your team members below.


If you interested in learning how to code, Google provides you with an opportunity to learn the basic fundamentals through JavaScript for free on Grasshopper App. It’s a simple and self-explanatory app game that offers reminders options to play daily, twice per week, or turn it off. The game designed to teach coding and entering the correct code to reach a goal. This is one of Google family tools that you can use along with G Suite to make a note in Docs, save and share through Drive or send codes to your team through Gmail.

See how to code in action by Ultimate Hacker


Build your own apps that fill business needs, your company size, and integration needs. G Suite provides you with the low-code development environment for application building. App Maker is included with G Suite Business and Enterprise editions, as well as, with G Suite for Education. Now, you can accelerate business workflows or scaling internal operations much easier with G Suite to improve your company efficiency and productivity.

See how App Maker works in action below.


G Suite has a set of intelligent apps that help you connect with everyone in your company from anywhere in the world. You can integrate G Suite with CRM platforms and use options available for your marketing automation, customer support, or social CRM and collaboration.

Grow your business faster and easily track all of your customers, leads, pipeline, and closed deals by utilizing a CRM tool integration. Keep your CRM workflow in control whether you want to create new contacts and sales leads, update projects, or assign tasks to Gmail.

Here are some CRM platforms that integrate with G Suite: Quickbooks, Salesforce, ProsperWorks, Streak CRM, HubSpot CRM, Freshdesk, and more.


Gmail is a great free email account for many businesses and individuals. But if you are growing a professional business, you will need your business email addresses. G Suite email includes the basic Gmail features of free account and also incorporates many extras that you will find useful.

Some benefits of using Gmail for Business including business email addresses that match your website domain name, 24/7 technical support, no ads, 30 GB cloud storage and more, one time login to access all the Google business tools like Docs, Sheets, Slides, Keep, Jamboard, App Maker, Hire, and share calendar information between multiple people.

You can integrate Gmail with your favourite project management tools, collaboration tools, tracking tools, and more. Some of the tools that work with Gmail including Yanadoo, Trello, Asana, SalesHandy, DocuSign, Mailtrack, Wrike, etc.

With the Admin Console, you can manage your entire G Suite account like add users, update your company profile, handle billing, and more.


Google Sheets, one of G Suite family tools, can help you easily analyze data, consolidating information, tracking and see insights of data in Sheets. The cloud-based tools like Google Sheets will make it much easier for your team members to organize and analyze information all in one place.

Google Sheets will keep all your data up to date as your work will automatically save, collaborate with multiple team members in real-time from their phone, tablet or computer (online and offline), personalize your sheets without disrupting your team view, or sort information or hide sheets that you don’t need to see. You can also keep your data protected by setting custom share settings. See changes or revert to previous versions is possible.

With the power of Google’s machine intelligence, you can do a lot of the heavy lifting whether ask a question about your data and Sheets will return an answer using natural language processing. Sheets also builds charts, suggest formulas and creates pivot tables for you.

You can work on the go or on desktop web browsers both online and offline with Sheets so your team don’t have to stop working during business travel or when no WiFi coverage.

If you want to add your Google Analytics on Sheets, here is how to do it.


There are a lot more advantages that you can use G Suite for growing your business more effectiveness and fun. G Suite is a low-cost digital hub for your business and it safe to use.


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