2018 Digital Marketing Trends You Should know about – #Infographic

The sophisticated technologies are changing how we run businesses today. Whether you are a small or large business, you will need to know how technologies can help enhance your digital marketing strategy. In 2018, we will see a huge diversity of digital marketing trends that are rising due to the high demand for leveraging AI in their digital marketing strategy.

Here are the 21 digital marketing trends for 2018 from Liana Technologies.

1. Personalized Content – Marketing automation tools can help you automate tasks and personalize the content based on a customer’s history and behaviour.

2. Privacy Protection – Customers would like to know how their personal data is being handled. Business who is ready to respond to this trend will have an enormous competitive advantage. The privacy protection will become one of the key selling points.

3. The Rise of Video – Mobile video will pay special attention to the customers. Cisco predicts that mobile live video will grow 39-fold by 2021.

4. Opinion LeadersInfluencer marketing is growing and no sign of declining.

5. Artificial Intelligence – The AI will be implemented in digital marketing with new features in AI-powered marketing tools. AI is changing how marketers run their campaigns in 2018.

6. Big Data – The massive of data will be a major challenge for marketers on how they can gather and analyze customer data for better digital marketing strategy.

7. The Internet of Things – The Internet of Things (IoT) will be more sophisticated with the development of AI and Machine Learning (ML). The way how businesses are gathering customer data will be much easier as users will leave their digital footprints that will be synced on many of their devices.

8. Measuring ROI – Marketers need to optimize their digital marketing efforts in order to manage marketing budgets effectively as well as prove the value of an investment of each campaign.

9. The 5G Revolution – The internet speed will be faster as more interactive web pages, multimedia-intensive websites and digital contents are in huge demand.

10. New SEO Factors – According to the latest SEO ranking study by SEMrush, the SEO factors are prominent today and will be trending in the near future. The growing market of voice search, personal assistant are bringing unexpected new way on how people do a search.


11. Live Chat – Many companies will invest in Live Chat as it has become a helpful channel for communication with customers and help them to improve customer experience on the website.

12. Chat Bots – Messaging apps will play a crucial role in customer experience and Chatbots help a brand to drives more sales by answering and helping a customer to make a purchase decision and placing the order.

13. Micro Moments – The last-minute purchase is happening most of the time. Customer behaviours have impacted how you should optimize your website to serve this category. Marketers must be able to identify the micro-moments and react in time. Ensure that your website is mobile friendly, easy to navigate, and show personalized content correctly based on customers’ purchase histories.

14. User-Generated Ads – By using your audience to create content relating to your brand and promotion, user-generated content can help you gain more traffic and awareness among their networks.

15. Short-Lived Content – Also known as ephemeral content. We will hear more often of this buzzword in 2018 and onwards. A brand can create a brief content to generate leads, increasing engagement, and drive traffic to website or landing page in order to close sales.

16. The Growth of AR & VR – In 2018, we will see many brands implement AR and VR into their products or services. AR and VR can help them to increase engagement and awareness as this technology allows brands to stand out from the crowd of competitors.

17. Social Commerce – Social media will reshape the way the consumers shop online. With the development of mobile apps, social and transactional activities can be linked smoothly and secure. Mobile has impacted our daily lives in many aspects including shopping behaviours.

18. Focus On Gen Z– The purchasing behaviour between Gen Z and the millennials are different. Gen-Zers spend longer on their mobile phones than on all other devices.

 19. Cross-Device Marketing – With many devices are now using modern technology and all the data is synced across devices based on user behaviours. Marketers need to optimize user experiences on all devices.

20. Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) & Landing Pages – In 2018, we will see many companies are likely to invest more in split testing software and optimizing landing pages for achieving higher conversions.

21. The Popularity of Mobile Payments – Mobile payment will be an option for stores to encourage customers’ purchasing. The mobile payment is changing the whole world of retails according to GlobalWebIndex.

Check out the full list on the infographic below.



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