15 Characteristics Of The Unreasonable Demand #Customers And How To Deal With Each of Them

As a business owner, your chance to encounter a bad customer will be at some point in your career.

In the world of “Customer is King”, there are some bad customers who are hasty and difficult to deal with. So how should you deal with the unreasonable demanding customers?

Here are 15 characteristics of the unreasonable demand customers and how to deal with each of them by Coplex (formerly Ciplex).

#1. Mr. I’m Not Really Sure What I Want

#2. Mr. Hey What’s That Over There, aka, Mr. I Assumed This Was Included

#3. Mr. I Needed This Done Yesterday

#4. Mr. Everything’s an Emergency

#5. Mrs. We Don’t Have a Deadline – Oh, Wait, Yes We Do and It’s Tomorrow

#6. Mr. I Don’t Really Care; Just Do Whatever You Want

#7. Mrs. I Care So Much That It Hurts

#8. Mrs. I Don’t Know What I Want, But I Know It Isn’t That

#9. Mr. Will This Cost Extra, aka, Mr. I Emptied My Bank Account For This

#10. Mr. What’s a Weekend?

#11. Ms. I Hate That Color for No Reason

#12. Mrs. Won’t This Take Five Minutes?

#13. Mr./Mrs./Mrs./Mr. Decision-by-Committee

#14. Ms. Lurker

#15. Mrs. What You Did Was Great, But We Now Want Something Completely Different

Now, you have them all. I know it isn’t easy to handle with those difficult customers but at least you have to keep calm and deal with each of them in a good manner for the sake of your business.

Hope the above tips are useful. Apply them in handling your customers and let them be won over by your great service offering.


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