10 Skills You Need to Become a Good Inbound Marketer

It starts with how you plan to tell your story. Yes, inbound marketing is about working to tell a story to your customers. The secrets are always embracing new ideas and best practices in order to increase your sales.

Benefits of Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing is different from traditional marketing. You need to attract potential prospects to your business and engaging them to keep coming back by using the inbound tactics.

Infinista Concepts shares infographic of 5 major benefits of inbound marketing as below.

1. Credibility Building

2. Creating Brand Awareness

3. Supplementing Engagement

4. Building Resources

5. Value Proposition

The state of inbound 2018

HubSpot provides the benchmarks and insights on the current state of inbound marketing, sales strategy and operations to help businesses around the world understand and plan their inbound strategies for the year 2018 and beyond. Here are some of the global reports.

  • Inbound is a global methodology as the report shows 74% of businesses around the world primarily conduct inbound marketing.

  • Businesses say that their inbound marketing strategies are more effective than outbound marketing strategies.

  • Marketers see their inbound marketing tactics give them 53% higher ROI.

  • Video content is the top plan for marketing in the next 12 months with 45% will distribute on YouTube channels.

  • Top inbound marketing goals are: growing SEO, creating content and marketing automation with the percentage of 61%, 55%, and 50% respectively.

  • Converting leads to customers is the top priority for inbound marketers around the world and closing more deal is the top priority for sales.

  • Word of mouth is the most effective referral that people rely on when making purchase decisions for business software.
  • Sales leverage social media to get a response from prospects with LinkedIn is the most successful channel.
  • Marketers are investing in video, Instagram and messaging apps.

Read the full report here.

The future of inbound marketing

The technologies are becoming smarter today, we will see a lot impact that changing how content is distributed. The future of inbound marketing is rapidly changing due to the constant innovations of social media platforms, changing in algorithms, AI, Chatbot, marketing automation and personalization.

According to HubSpot’s annual INBOUND Conference: There are 5 major tools that will enhance your inbound marketing success.

1. Retiring the funnel, adopting the Flywheel. Here is how each stage works as explain by HubSpot.

“Funnels lose the energy you put into them once you reach the bottom, but flywheels are remarkable at storing and releasing energy.”

Image Source: HubSpot

  • Attract: This is where prospects enter your flywheel and interact with your company for the first time. Our commitment is to provide value before we extract value from those prospects.
  • Engage: At this stage, engage prospects that are interested in becoming customers. Our commitment is to make that decision making and purchasing process as easy as possible.
  • Delight: Finally, new customers have the potential to become promoters of your company. Remember that customer success is your success. Our commitment is to ensure our customers see success with HubSpot.

The Flywheel can help you grow fast or slow depends on how much marketing effort you have put into each stage of the flywheel like how fast you spin it, how much friction there is, how it’s composed (size and weighs). The best strategy is to have all of these factors.

2. HubSpot products are now a growth platform.

HubSpot has improved all its products and features across the HubSpot Growth Platform. You can find what’s new and what’s coming soon in HubSpot here.

HubSpot has also introduced the HubSpot Growth Suite that including everything you need to grow your business across marketing, sales, and customer service.

3. HubSpot Video.

As video has become more capable to build a relationship with customers. Marketers know how video contents can help increase traffic and engagement. HubSpot Video offers you to create, host and measure your video content strategy in its platform.

4. Conversational Marketing

HubSpot CRM provides you with a universal inbox to help your teams build a relationship with prospects and customers all in one place. The features including free live chat, team email and bots.

5. HubSpot CMS

HubSpot CMS (Content Management System) helps you design and build a website that’s optimized and personalized base on data from your HubSpot CRM and integrate with your marketing tools.

10 Skills you need to become a good inbound marketer

Inbound marketing is all about how do you plan your online marketing and a strategy to attract your potential prospects on the internet. You need to create trustworthy and helpful contents in order to attract visitors, changed them to be your customers and build a loyal relationship to keep them coming back.

To become a good inbound marketer you will need these 10 essential skills. See the infographic from SEO Pressor.

1. Analytical Mindset

2. Storytelling

3. Sincerity

4. Resourceful

5. Relevant and Up-To-Date

6. Objective-Oriented

7. Driven

8. Humble & Open-Minded

9. Have The Audience In Mind

10. SEO-Mined


To become a good inbound marketer you need to keep your knowledge up-to-date while learning from the best practice. If you can stay ahead of the trends, you will rock your inbound marketing strategy and gain a successful career.


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