Google Lighthouse: A Free Site Performance And SEO Audit Tool For Your Business

Google has released a new tool that helps measure website SEO performance, along with suggestions for improvements to increase your site’s performance.

Google says is the best resource for every software developer to learn, create and solve problems on the web. Means not only educating developers but allowing them to apply what they have learned to any site they work, whether personal or business.

Google wants to create this tool to help the web improve efficiency and provide a better user experience. Although website designers are capable, most websites still have vulnerabilities in rendering. And Google’s web platform team are working with software developers to help close that gap.

Google says that “Google’s web platform team has spent more than ten years learning about user needs. Now we want to make it as easy as possible for you to set the standard for web development today.”

How Google Lighthouse Works?

Lighthouse is an open-source tool by Google. It aims to help developers and site owners audit their sites speed and SEO such as accessibility, performance, Progressive Web Apps (PWA), and more. Google Lighthouse is free for everyone and can help you check your pages, analyze to improve the performance of your site and also recommend how to fix the quality and performance of your website or web app.

Lighthouse provides accurate metrics to help you measure your website or web app performance as follows:

  • Performance: Check the metrics such as colour and time of interaction to determine the delay.
  • PWA: Evaluate your pages compared to the Web App Advanced Checklist.
  • Best Practices: Search from HTTPS usage, image aspect ratio correction.
  • SEO: Check the best practices to make sure your website can be found.
  • Accessibility: Check for common problems that may prevent users from accessing your content.

You can easily measure your site performance. Just go to and select TEST MY SITE. Enter the URL of the site you want to measure. Click RUN AUDIT. To view the report, select View Report or Download Report to store the report.

In addition to the results of the website performance analysis, it also provides a list of recommended improvements to the site, along with the solution.

You can download Lighthouse from the Chrome Web Store and add it to your browser. Lighthouse Chrome extension will help you review the website based on various ranking factors used by the Google Search Engine, means that you are getting some of the most effective data you can use for optimization.


Although this tool is suitable for web developers, small businesses can use this tool to monitor the performance of websites and what needs to be improved as well. Try Google Lighthouse and see how this tool can help your site show up on the top of the search results page (SERP).


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