Google Offers Free Digital Skills Improvement Courses at Google Digital Garage

Google announces a free course offered at the Google Digital Garage digital education initiative to help improve digital skills for workers with official certificates that you can attach to your job application.

Google said that “At Google, we’re committed to creating more opportunity for everyone. Through our Grow with Google initiative, we’ve trained 7.5 million people in Europe, the Middle East and Africa on digital skills since 2015. But we’re doing more than just training—we want to help people put these new skills to use, which is why we’ve also committed to helping 1 million Europeans find a job or grow their business by 2020.

To reach this commitment, we offer free online and offline courses through Google Digital Garage across 64 countries. Up until now, digital marketing has been the core of our training, but as the nature of work changes and the demand for a broader set of both technical and soft skills grows, we believe it’s critical to incorporate these skills into our programs.”

The new crouse is now open

Google has partnered with FutureLearn, Open University, OpenClassrooms and Goodwill Community Foundation, the leading online education service providers, to expand lessons and focus on training new skills, both social and emotional, such as communicating with others, motivation and influence on teams and colleagues

The new courses that Google has launched are:

  • Learn technique for public speaking
  • Communicate your idea through storytelling and design
  • Business communication
  • Effective networking

Google also plans to make available of the new courses in more than 30 languages in 64 countries soon.

For small business owners, these courses will help enhance your skills and knowledge in order to grow your revenue.


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