2019 Facebook Algorithm Tips and Tricks

Facebook Algorithms play an important role in creating an impact on online businesses and how to achieve marketing goals. Whether you’re a marketer or a small business owner, understanding how it works will help you plan an advertising campaign effectively.

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2019 Facebook Algorithm Tips and Tricks

Facebook shared an update that interaction is one of the most influential factors on the platform. As we know, Facebook will focus on content that creates interaction between friends and family primarily, this also applies to Page as well. The content with more engagement will have more chances to show on followers’ news feed. According to Mark Zuckerberg:

Amazsite.com - 2019 Facebook Algorithm Tips and Tricks
Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg’s Post

Facebook will limit the visibility if the brand or media contents did not create engagement which makes it more difficult for businesses to reach their fan page. However, posts that asked followers to likes, comments and shares or tags (clickbait or engagement bait post) will be punished by Facebook as well.


In addition, the copy post which low-quality ads will also reduce to ranking in news feeds.

According to TechCrunch: “Starting today, we’re rolling out an update so people see fewer posts that link out to low-quality sites that predominantly copy and republish content from other sites without providing unique value. We are adjusting our Publisher Guidelines accordingly.” Facebook wrote.

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Content That Facebook Algorithm Values

Your content will be ranked well depending on the value of the content. Here are tips and tricks:

  • Friends and family come first: Facebook will make sure that posts from friends and family are shown on your news feed first. For example, if you like photos from your sister, Facebook will start her post near the top of your feed so you won’t miss her post while you are away.

In addition: Facebook research also found that people’s expectations are news and entertainment feeds.

  • Platform for all ideas: Facebook opens for all ideas while making sure everyone feels fun and safe. Facebook aims to present the stories that each person wants to see the most based on their actions and suggestions.

Facebook said: “It’s important to note that while we welcome a multitude of viewpoints, we also believe strongly that people should feel — and be — safe when they use Facebook, and we, therefore, have Community Standards that define the behaviour that we think is out-of-bounds on the platform. We think it’s possible to be inclusive without making Facebook a place where people are subjected to attacks, hate, or other harmful behaviours.

  • Authentic communication: Facebook prioritizes real stories rather than misleading stories. Facebook will show stories that are genuine on news feed. Stories that people find misleading, sensational and spammy will be prevented and people will see those contents less.
  • You control your experience: You can control and customize what you see on Facebook such as “unfollow”, “see first” and “hide”. These features will help Facebook to understand your interest better. Facebook wants to give you the most powerful tools for a better-personalized-experience.
  • Constant Iteration: Facebook always improving the platform to give the better user experience, by continuing to ask for feedback and open as much as possible to explain how Facebook works.

Watch the video explaining how Facebook Algorithm works below.



If you plan to grow a small business, using Facebook to enhance your brand awareness and increase engagement can be a good option.

Try these tips and tricks:

  • Create an original value content.
  • Avoid message that seems like clickbait or engagement bait such as asking fans for likes, comments, shares or tags
  • Use live video.
  • Invite followers to watch your video content via Watch Party.
  • Engage with fans on Facebook Messenger.
  • Create a community conversation.
  • Post content consistently.
  • Keep experiment for the best practice.

Finally, keep up to date with all Facebook news of ads, group, page, stories, and other Facebook tools in order to understand the changes.


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