462 Tips to make a lean, mean ITSM machine

It is an unfortunate fact that even after 3 decades after ITSM rose on the horizon, there are companies that still find the technology a riddle. This is despite the fact that ITSM and ITSM software have brought about big and positive changes in the quality of service rendered by companies that have chosen to put them in place. Perhaps, companies that deal with IT service management have not taken the right steps for propagating the efficacy of ITSM tools. Nonetheless, the fact remains that if companies make the right type of decision and put in place the most appropriate ITSM software, they will be able to take firm strides towards achieving their business goals. Let us now find out how you, as the owner of an IT service management company, can have a lean and mean ITSM tool.

1. Be a hunter.

One of the best ways to find a lean and mean ITSM software is to be a hunter. Of course, this suggestion should not be taken in the literary sense because you are not asked to be a hunter of animals. Instead, you should be a “hunter” of ITSM tools. By this, it is meant that you should do proper research, delve deep into all the ITSM software that is available, and try to choose the best one that suits your company’s needs perfectly.

2. Be clear about your requirements.

For a number of companies including a few that are into IT service management,  ITSM defies genre. Is it a tool that facilitates self-service? Does it build knowledge-centric service desks? Does it help in creating a centralized data or information center so all the team members can access updated details about the customers’ queries or the issues they are facing? Can ITSM software help in communicating proactively with customers? Does it facilitate real-time responses? Does it help in automation efforts?

There may be several other similar questions that may help in defining the genre of ITSM. But according to experts, it can play all these roles efficiently. This means that you should know clearly about your requirements and go for the appropriate application of ITSM in order to have a lean software that can get you its best benefits.


3. Free your tool of both small and big intruders.

If your ITSM software comes with applications you do not need, you cannot boast of having a lean tool. Whether these applications are big or small, they are certainly intruders and can negatively impact the efficiency of the tool. Additionally, your software will not be a lean one but a fat tool. This means that you cannot get optimum benefits out of the ITSM practices you are adopting. Therefore, you should mercilessly get rid of such “intruders.”


4. Look for specific strategies for having a lean but strong ITSM software.

Experts advise that you must adopt specific strategies for achieving your aim of having a strong but lean ITSM tool. The only way to zero in on such strategies is to always be in the learning mode. Remember that ITSM tools of today are much different from those of the yesteryears. This means that continuous evolution is taking place in this field. If you adopt the right and the most specific strategies, you will be able to update your software, if need be so you can continue to render the best services to your customers.

When you are always advised to be ready to learn, you may think that ITSM topics are tough grammar that you will find extremely difficult to comprehend. But in reality, you can learn ITSM and its tools easily. Of course, you have to make your efforts with a focused mind. But once you are ready to learn and to put the appropriate strategies to use, you will derive immense benefits out of them.

5. Check if your customers are happy.

Though your aim to have a lean and mean ITSM tool, that should not be your sole aim. You must ensure that your customers are happy. You must, therefore, check this aspect regularly. If you analyze and find out the problems your customers face and if you know how to provide the solutions they require for surmounting the issues, you have won half the battle.

Of course, it has been proved beyond doubt that most of the customers feel happy if they have the self-service facility. They rightly believe that this facility will save them a lot of headaches. Especially, a self-service facility that is powered by an ITSM software will save the time and energy of customers.

6. Be sure that the ITSM tools you choose help you leap over and surmount your plateaus.

Even if you have been doing reasonably well in your business. you should not forget the fact that “there is always scope for improvement.” Further, even if you feel that your business has hit a plateau, you can surmount this plateau and regain your forward momentum with the help of the right ITSM software. But you should be certain that the software put in place will help you during such a phase. Remember that you cannot get overnight success. You should adopt patience and you will see the results you desire to have very soon. In fact, your success hinges on how patiently, firmly, and confidently you work with the ITSM tools you have chosen to put in place.




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