How to Handle Online Harassment and Cyberbullying

Technologies give us convenience and fun but while we are spending more of the time online, there are also online harassment and cyberbullying.

According to Pew Research Center,

  • 41% of American adults have personally experienced online harassment.
  • 66% have witnessed harassment.
  • 73% of young men feel offensive content online is taken too seriously.
  • Social media is the most common venue for online harassment.
  • One-quarter of harassment targets found the most experience extremely or very upsetting.
  • 24% of young adults have experienced mental or emotional stress due to online harassment.
  • 70% of women are concerned about harassment.

Online harassment and cyberbullying have become significant concerns especially young people and their parents. Kids love to use their smartphones to communicate with friends and family and others, most of them have public profiles that people are able to communicate and message them with or without their consent.

Online harassment can take many forms and it’s not always black and white. Because of this, kids may be unsure of what to do and when they should tell their parents. Panda shares an infographic to give you an idea on how to handle and prevent online harassment.


Online harassment and cyberbullying involve how you use social media, smartphone, text messages and apps. To prevent your kids from being cyberbullied, educate them about the risks of online harassment and cyberbullying. Keeping the conversation open about how to handle if it occurs and how to report about cyberbullying.

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