7 Tips To Create Professional Logo With Designhill AI Logo Maker

If you are a small business and need a logo for your brand, you need to consider how you can save money on hiring a professional designer to help out with a logo design that is unique and represent your brand’s personality.

A good logo should have a beautiful design and will influence people to recognise your brand name straight away. A good logo should be a unique style that indicates the personality of the brand. There are many details to consider like colours, text, icons and more.

7 Tips to create a professional logo with Designhill

Before starting to create a logo, you should understand the basic of logo design in order to help you plan and choose the most suitable tool. Here are some bits of advice that should be considered when designing a logo.

1. Simplicity.

Simplicity is very effective. Whether your logo is just a symbol or a message or both, check how much it reflects the value of your brand. Can the colour tone indicate your identity? The limited colour scheme makes it easy to design and define colours.

2. Simple graphics are easy to recognise.

Do not use too complex and intricate logo designs because it will make it difficult to remember and feel hard to reach the brand.

3. Check that your logo is diverse.

The logo should be designed appropriately when used in various ways such as on social media, on products, on websites, or business cards etc. Test whether the logo works well both vertically and horizontally.

Ask yourself: How it looks if turns black and white? Will it look good? If using a single colour will the logo show complete details? If there is a reduction in size, will I still see the full details?

4. Choose the appropriate icon.

Choose images that reflect your brand. Don’t choose images that have abstract or complex connections with your brand. Excessive colour designs or outdated icons will not compatible with different formats and not effective.

5. Know your customers.

Ask yourself who is your target group. The logo should communicate well as a brand. If there is a slogan, then use words that describe your brand well and short.

6. Draft your logo design.

Make a draft of your logo before start using the tool. Planning and sketching in advance will save your time on searching for the desired options. This will also help you visualise and see if anything needs to be enhanced.

7. Research your competitors.

Research who are your competitors in the market. What are their logos look like? This will help you get some ideas for designing your own logo in order to make it more attractive and effective.

Create a professional logo with AI logo maker

After you have planned and drafted your logo pattern, now you can create a logo easily with the help of AI Logo Maker in just a few minutes.

It’s very simple, just enter a few questions and choose the style, icon and colour you like. The AI logo maker will create a variety of logo options based on your choices and answers. You can customise colours, fonts, icons and more. See the actual design on various formats like business card, T-shirt and more.

Designhill is simple and easy to use. Now, watch the video on how to create your own logo like a professional logo designer.


Designhill provides excellent customer support when you need help. It’s simple and straightforward. Try to create your own logo like a pro for free here.


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