Businesses can’t be running without customers and that why customers are king and queen. If you hungry to be a successful brand in the industry you need to build strong relationships to retain customer loyalty.


A successful business knows that a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) strategy is important for building strong customer relationships. It takes an ongoing and determines effort to create trust and loyalty to win. Successful in Sales don’t mean you will often win and keep the customer coming back, but consistent customer relationships will earn loyalty and trust.

Here are 6 tips to building strong CRM strategy that may benefit to your business.

1. Understanding your customer’s problem.

You need to know, what is the customer’s problem? How can you help to resolve their problems?

Good business people understand how easily broken customer relationships are hard to win loyalty. If your business has a high rate of poor customer service and the issues are not quickly resolved to the customer’s satisfaction, you are walking to the business closing down campaign.

Your competitors are eager and hungry to win, therefore, you need to take good care and handle the problems quickly. Customers don’t like neglect, rudeness, and delay delivery.

Make your action immediately to solve their problems to their satisfaction.

2. Communicate in a good manner and genuinely.

Nobody likes poor manner communication. The ways you are talking to your customers should be in a good manner and genuine. One dialogue is not applied to all customers. You need a good communication by adjusting what you are talking about and who you are talking to.

When you try to get your message across, try to keep their viewpoint in mind. This 4 Simple Ways to Communicate Better With Your Customers by Mike Taylor via Entrepreneur, may help you get some ideas.

3. Building good relationships consistency.

Consistency is important particularly when you want to build good relationships with customers, trust, confidence and loyalty. Customers will feel more confident if they received on time delivery and convenient services. If you consistently deliver good products and services across your organisation and keep your promises as priorities, customers will be confident with your brand and delighted to be your promoters.

Customer’s satisfaction creates trust, loyalty and extraordinary driving your business growth together with more potential customers to come.

4. Use CRM tool.

There is various CRM software out there that you can choose which one is best for your business needs. CRM software can help you and team stay organised and keep track of your customers’ behaviours, relationships, communications, details, histories and more. Choose the right CRM software will give you potential benefits that you can achieve.

Some of CRM software provides better developing relationships with your customers including processing of enquiries, all service requests, complaints and returns and the assignation of the tasks to an appropriate staff automatically into a central database. You can track customers habit to target sales and marketing campaigns, analyse to identify customer behaviour, leading to more sales, and a higher rate of customer satisfaction.

Manage your sales team and stay organised, try HubSpot’s free CRM here.

5. Connect to all social media networks.

With the growing social media networks like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, G+, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and etc. You have more chances to sending out your business words, reputation and confidence through social media platforms. Social media networks can help your business growth and manage your CRM strategy quick and easier. You can even promptly reply to your customers in real time, live and on the move 24/7. If you are a small business and new, your customers may not many yet but they will be very pleased if they can talk to you when they have an urgent issue. Social media platforms give you more convenience and opportunities to build good customer service.

Connect all your social media networks with your valuable customers and keep them posted about the update, everything they should know and what you have to offer.

6. Evaluate and Improve customer service.

Evaluate your CRM efforts by using a customer satisfaction survey in many forms like social media interaction, emails, call recordings. Analyse this information can give you a better idea of the customer experience. Use the insights to improve your products and services accurately to understand what your customers want, what needs and to be improved to meet customer satisfaction. Good customer service leads to your reputation and eventually increasing revenues.

Evaluate and improve customer service skills steadily, here is 6 Keys to Improving Your Team’s Customer Service Skills by Rahis Saifi via Business 2 Community

Over to you!